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Water retention and distribution

Up until 2019 all rainfall would mostly run off the land and disappear via temporary creeks. By dug a few ponds and swales - mostly rudimentary - stop the resulting erosion and water loss. Since then we have seen improvements.

According to statistics we have an average rainfall around 500 mm per year. During fall, winter, and spring we can have huge downpours. However, during summer there is no rain at except for an occasional late summer thunderstorm that may or may not happen.

We need to figure out a system that allows rainwater to flow towards areas that are currently drier than others and also to fill up ponds for longer-term storage of water so that we have a reserve for the summer draught.

Creek, swales, ponds

Zone C is sloped. Something like a meandering temporary creek that interconnects swales with some ponds for overflow and storage would be nice.

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