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Regulation applicable to pork products

Local regulations limit the amount of pigs we can keep, how we can keep them and provide some additional requirements.

Currently we are allowed by OCA to keep up to 40 pigs at any given point in time. We are not allowed to breed our own pigs. These limitations are based on the current state and size of our buildings related to pig keeping.

Based on the amount of oak trees producing acorns to feed the pigs between November and February we seem to have a capacity of up to 57 iberian pigs.

The rules allow us a maximum number of pigs at any given point in time. An overlapping presence of young and old pigs is not possible. The replacement pigs can only arrive after the finished pigs have left the farm. In the end that means we loose every other cycle.

We want to increase the allowance to a total of 120 pigs at any given point in time so that we utilize our acorn capacity of 55 pigs. We are required to build a larger quarantine shelter.


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