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Quarantine shelter for pigs during an epidemic

As we are aiming to increase our allowed number of pigs to 120 animals at any given point in time we are required to construct a quarantine shelter with the following properties:

Minimum sizes

Measures to stop infection vectors

Slurry storage

A veterinarian from OCA calculated for us the required size of the slurry storage:

120 x 2,84 m3 = 340,8 m3
340,8 m3 / 36,5 = 9,3369 m3

Based on that we need about 10 m3 of storage capacity.

The slurry can be disposed onto the compost pile once declared safe by OCA. Otherwise it has to be properly destroyed.

Other features

Other uses

As long as there is no need to quarantine the pigs we are allowed to use the building for any other purpose. The only condition is that we can convert it to serve its original function from one day to the next.

Currently the plan is to use it as metal workshop and for things like vehicle maintenance.


The quarantine shelter should be placed as indicated in the image.

As we will move the yurt to a different location we can make a crossing over the animal path from there to the location of the shelter/workshop. That crossing should have two large doors (width 4m) that block the animal path when both are in the open position. The surface should be reinforced with grass grid to allow water filtration and prevent mud.

The slurry storage should have a ramp that’s open to the path towards the compost area (on the right but outside the image). The chicken coop will have to be moved as well.


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