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Caimito Agile Life S.L. is made up of several enterprises that operate within. Enterprises share tools and resources. Associates may work for a single enterprise or work for multiple enterprises. Associates form teams around an enterprise.

Each enterprise has their own space at

How to start an enterprise

A new enterprise can be started by any associate. The process is simple as follows:

  1. Do research
  2. Create a business plan
  3. Convince other existing enterprises to provide funding
  4. If funding is secured, begin operations

Research should be extensive and in-depth. Get as much information as possible and pay close attention to the numbers. Associates from other enterprises will scrutinize your business plan before providing funding so it is important that you have solid numbers for things like:

Once you have convinced associates from other enterprises to fund your new enterprise, you can get started.

Accounting - Who’s money it is

Every enterprise does their own accounting in order to have control over their own finances. That way each enterprise knows their own financial health and can counteract, if things get out of balance.

Proceeds from sales are owned by the enterprise that sold its own product or service. Other enterprises cannot expect anything from someone else’s sales proceeds.

Funding is never forever

Your business plan should demonstrate when your enterprise might become profitable and become independent from funding provided by other enterprises. That allows the other enterprises to decide whether they can afford to fund you and for how long.

At some point the funding will end and if you have not reached profitability yet, you may have to stop and shut your enterprise down. It may also be that other enterprises are willing to fund you a little longer but you should not count on that.

Who works in an enterprise

Generally associates work in enterprises. Special services might be contracted from outside, if the knowledge, skills or tools are not available or only needed temporary.

Renumeration of associates

Nature has a few basic laws we cannot escape from. One of these laws is that nothing can grow, if you starve it to death. For your new enterprise this means, that you really need to think about the well-being of your new enterprise first and about your own income second. If your enterprise operates in a valueable market and finds the right type of customer, you will do well. In any case, earning money is a consequence of offering something of value to others.

As different enterprises operate in different markets, have different customers, and offer services and products for different prices, renumeration for associates amongst enterprises will be different and can even differ to a large extent.

Enterprises and associates negotiate renumeration. Associates may also be willing to help out for free here and there.

What happens when a new enterprise has to shut down

If your enterprise has not become profitable and no additional funding is available, you have to shut it down. To the associates working in that enterprise that means that they will move to a different enterprise or start one of their own.

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