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Holistic Context

All activities and decisions regarding the Caimito Farm shall be governed by the holistic context outlined in this document. This document will be updated infrequently. Earlier versions can be found via the git history.

Last updated: February 2019


Caimito Agile Life S.L. pursues:

Resource Base

Caimito Farm operates on 45 hectareas of Dehesa land in the province of Cordoba. The land is filled with a large number of protected quercus ilex trees and pasture areas between them.

Future Resource Base

The land provided by the Schwab family is being developed into a naturalistic landscape with high fertiity and beauty. Through regenerative agriculture we continously improve the ability of the soil to support and sustain new agricultural enterprises.

The natural beauty of the land that arises as a consequence of regenerative agriculture helps to turn the land into an attractive place to perform workshops and seminars.

Decision Making

The land on which Caimito Farm operates is owned by the Schwab family. Therefore it is the Schwab family who has the final say in all questions that might potentially affect the land.

Caimito Farm’s commercial operations are performed by the legal entity Caimito Agile Life S.L., a limited liability company under Spanish and EU law. The legal representative of Caimito Agile Life S.L. is the final decision maker where necessary.

Decision making for any of the enterprises organized within the boundaries of Caimito Agile Life S.L. is performed within these enterprises by the team owning the enterprise/product. Any conflict arising between enterprises is resolved by the legal representative of Caimito Agile Life S.L.

Decisions with a scope outside a single enterprise or potentially affecting other enterprises or the land itself have to be prepared via the A3 process. The decision itself is made through a mayority vote amongst all enterprises. The legal representative of Caimito Agile Life S.L. has the right to veto a decision in cases where it might conflict with Spanish or EU law or negatively affect the economic well-being of Caimito Agile Life S.L.. The Schwab family has the right to veto a decision concerning the use of the land provided.


Initially, money is provided by the shareholders of Caimito Agile Life S.L. The shareholders are members of the Schwab family.

The different enterprises within Caimito Agile Life S.L. earn money through providing services and selling products. Based on the proceeds earned each enterprise can spend and reinvest its own money on people and resources. For that purpose each enterprise does some sort of simple accounting.

Each enterprise is supposed to live within the boundaries of its own financial abilities.

Over time dependence on external money provided by the shareholders is to be removed and replaced by a system where enterprises finance themselves or provide money amongst peers.

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