Paddock Usage Plan

We use cows, pigs and horses to improve soil fertility by grazing.

Cows and horses eat the gras, trample it and fertilize it by dropping manure and urinating. Grazing happens in a planned way and is time controlled. Depending on the size of the paddock animals are moved to the next paddock within a few hours. We monitor grazing with the Paddocks Application. We move the animals when 40% of the forage has been eaten or trampled. That means we leave most of the plant matter so that it can protect the soil life from sunlight.

The pigs eat the grass but will also destroy it and leave bare ground. We designate paddocks as holding areas for pigs and use them to integrate plant matter into the soil in order to augment the humus content of it.

In some areas we cultivate a crop. We use the pigs to prepare the area.

Zone A paddocks

A01 A03

A04 A06

A04 A07

A07 A10

A10 A15

A15 A17

Zone B paddocks


Special and planned use:

Zone C paddocks

C01 C03

More paddocks will be created.

Zone D paddocks

There are currently no defined grazing areas for zone D.