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Forest in zone A

At the entrance of the farm we have a stream that is fed by a nearby water reservoir. The stream increases significantly in size during prolonged rainfall around March.

The existing entrance road goes straight to the inside of the farm and is prone to erosion. The goal is to slow down the water in the area and increase biomass by:


Aerial overview

The following aerial pictures were taken 10.09.2018 from an altitude of about 623 m.

Aerial 2 Aerial 2 Aerial 2 Aerial 2


Several swales were created on 07.09.2018. At that time the earth was hard and dry.

On 14.09.2018 the excavator was used to create more swales closer to the stream:

Site protection

In order to protect the site from farm animals the perimeter fence should be placed as shown in the picture. That will put the main swale between the fence and the entrance road.


On 12.09.2018 a number of Madrono trees and various shrubs were planted.

On 01.10.2018 more madrono trees and shrubs were planted in the remaining swales in the upper part of the site. Heavy straw mulch was applied.

Inoculated trifolium subteraneum was seeded generously as well on the swales.


Ant holes

08.09.2018, After scraping off the first layer with the backhoe ant holes in the ground were exposed.

First Rain

09.09.2018, A thunderstorm brought the first rain to the site.

Unseeded plants emerge

On 14.09.2018 unseeded plants begin to emerge in the moist ground:


In the afternoon on 14.09.2018 another thunderstorm produced more rain over the site.

Damage by invading animals

Two times animals have invaded the site. One time it was cows that came through an open gate. The other time it was sheep that crawled beneath a fence.

The issues have been corrected.

The left picture shows the site on 16.09.2018 and the right picture was taken on 28.09.2018.


In the picture from the forest edge (taken 01.10.2018) the distribution of sunshine and shade can be seen. The picture was taken at 14:22 local time.

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