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Chicken slaughter facility

For personal consumption we want to make a small-scale chicken slaughter facility with the following features:

All parts should be placed in a half-circle in order to make the process go easier.

As this is a temporary setup we can leverage the outdoor kitchen.


  1. Put the chicken into the killing cone
  2. Cut the chicken’s throat and let it bleed out
    • The blood should be collected so that it can be used as fertilizer
  3. Put the dead chicken into the scalder
  4. Put the chicken into the plucker and rinse
  5. Eviscerate
    • The inner organs can be composted or used to breed larvae as chicken food
  6. Clean up the eviscerated chicken
  7. Put the chicken carcass into the ice water to cool down
  8. Put the carcass into a labeled freezer bag and freeze

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