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Chicken products

There are different breeds of Gallus gallus domesticus and some are called meat birds because they have been selectively bred so that the males develop more meat while in others the females produce more eggs.

Currently we have the egg producing kind.

Things to consider:


Chicken meat

Although we are not allowed yet to operate an official small-scale slaughterhouse on the farm we can still do some things for personal use. One is that we can slaughter chickens for personal consumption. So we are planning to build a simple chicken slaugther facility were we can process a few birds every now and then to fill our own freezer.

In a later step we can then work with the authorities to build an official small-scale slaughterhouse to be allowed to sell chicken meat to customers.

Any type of slaughtering produces some amount of waste material. We need to figure out what it is and what to do with it. It should be recycled in some way and not leave the farm.


Currently we have a simple chicken coop (blue roof). The chicken have access to the whole area around it. At night we close up the door and open it again in the morning.


We’ve had several attacks by aerial predadors and lost a number of laying hens. When the hens venture out too far it seems they cannot get back in time to the chicken coop. We’ve also found a lot of feathers inside the coop and did look like a fight did happen inside the coop.

Chickens are forest animals and are vulnerable to attacks by terrestrial and aerial predadors. In the forest they can hide under bushes and jump or fly up to trees. If they are kept in an open area, it can be a problem.

Zone B04 is supposed to become a compost area. There we:


The chickens housed in that area will then help us to make good compost.

Flock management


We are allowed to have 350 chickens without registering as a poultry producer. We are also allow to sell eggs directly to consumers up to 12.000 eggs per year. Beyond these limits we need to file paperwork and get an approval.

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