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Per our vet the cows will likely not wean their calves on their own as they don’t know anymore. That means we need to do it by separating the calves from their mothers.

November, 2020. We are trying to wean our calves but they call their mothers at night and the mothers call the calves. We are keeping them in separate zones but they wander around to find each other. The main problem is that the little ones can jump through wires and wander around the easement.

We can use a method called fence weaning. It requires a physical fence that the calves cannot cross. Mother and calf are separated by the fence but can still see and smell each other.

In order to allow fence weaning we should have the animals pathways calf proof by installing a physical barrier with electric fencing on top. That is in progress for certain areas already. Then we can create sections and keep the calves in the pathway while the mothers graze in an adjacent paddock. Further we can let the calves graze in an adjacent paddock when the forage in the pathways (they double as paddocks) is not enough.

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