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Cattle ranching - 100% grass-fed

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Currently we have mixed cattle that are of several breeds:


At this time we cannot offer any product derived from our cattle due to regulations.

Animal management

Our approach to animal management is less is better. As with everything else we try to imitate nature.

However, a lot of typical farm animals are pretty much removed from nature and seem to have lost many natural instincts and would not be able to survive without human control and management.

The minimal equipment needed to keep cattle is a chute (spanish mangada). We have an old one left by the previous owners:


We gather the cattle in the enclosed area and can then treat each one in the chute. This works well.

However, we cannot separate animals and put them into different pens. We can also pass all of them through the chute and then they go wherever they want to.

We are planning to build a new cattle sorting facility so that we can work with them once a month to inspect their health, take their weight and, if needed, separate them easily and safely into groups.


As of mid 2020 the cows of mixed breed have given birth to 5 calfs. We’ve had a number of losses due to:

An open stable could provide a more controlled environment and also provide a dry place for mother and calf. This could be the same building as the quarantine shelter for pigs while it is not in use for pigs.


At this time we are not doing anything with regards to genetics.

Pasture management

As we cannot offer meat from our cattle at the moment, we can focus on something else that is very important:

We use cattle to regenerate soil fertility by moving them around from paddock to paddock frequently. That opens up the soil, stimulates plant growth for longer root systems and thus a better resistance to drought.

We have observed the re-emergence of Cynodon dactylon, which is a C4 plant species suitable for the hot summer.

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