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Currently we use the existing buildings to store tools and supplies, as a makeshift workshop, etc.

Stuff is distributed and never in the place where one would look for it. It’s hard to stay organized. We have a rat problem, because there are holes in the walls. Tools and supplies become dirty when not used frequently.

We are planning to build a proper workshop to fix theses issues.

The workshop is to do primarily wood and some occasional metal work.

Metal work involves sparks and other issues. The metal work may have to move to a different workshop later on.


Additionally a separately enclosed space for:

Features for later:


Tool storage

Tools are stored in tool racks or hung on the walls with the shadows marked.

Material storage

Additional tools

Solar / IT details

On the roof:


As we are practicing regenerative agriculture we don’t want to loose any nutrients. That means we don’t want to use a flush toilet and a septic tank. Instead the bathroom will have a bucket-based compost toilet and a passive ventilation system using the chimney effect.

Wood shavings are provided as cover and to dry the solid waste quickly in order to avoid odor. The solid material will be taken out to the compost. Urine will be collected in a storage tank and is used as an activator for biochar.

Construction process and progress

24.07.2020, Demolition of some of the old structures is done and we are preparing the ground for the workshop. As the terrain was sloping we need to fill it up.

2020 07 24 16 54 23

24.07.2020, The fill material is taken from nearby and we end up with a nice large pond as well. That pond will help to retain water and to regenerate the soil in the adjoining paddocks. Similar to other ponds we dug nature will soon create a nice habitat for many plants and animals.

2020 07 24 16 50 11

Next steps

  1. A large heavy concrete slab for the workshop itself and an extension slab for Solar/IT
  2. Building of the shop itself

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